• Perfect for a little sparkle.
  • Size: 1.0" Tall x 1.25" Wide
  • Features: Wooden stamp is designed for the sole purpose of applying adhesive to create glitter tattoos as directed by instructions provided with purchase. (NOTE: Actual stamp may have some slight variations from picture shown here.)  
  • Step 1: Clean the skin area with JEMS Skin Cleaner with a cotton ball.
    Step 2: Dry the skin with JEMS Prep Compound by lightly dusting application area and brushing it with a soft bristle brush.
    Step 3: Apply adhesive to the beveled edge of sponge brush and dab adhesive onto the desired body stamp. DO NOT brush adhesive onto the stamp, a bubble texture on the stamp is alright.
    Step 4: Roll the stamp with adhesive onto prepared skin area. It is very important to use a simple rolling motion from one side to the other, allowing adhesive to dry clear.
    Step 5: Once adhesive is clear, apply glitter using puff bottle. Gently move litter around the entire stamped area with the lollipop pad and press the glitter into the stamp pattern. Use soft makeup brush to remove excess glitter. You can save the excess glitter for a future rainbow body art.
    We suggest that body art only be placed on arms and lower legs, not on faces.
    Do NOT let adhesive to freeze, it will turn solid.
    To remove body art, gently rub with alcohol or baby oil.
    To open bottles, press a pin into the top of the bottles. A smaller hole allows you to control the products best during the application process.